F Sharp Bell Corps in Green Lantern Trailer

I’m sure many of you all are as excited as I am about the new Green Lantern movie.  My own excitement was paused until I saw the recent Wondercon footage, which showcased all the spectacular interstellar and cosmic elements of the series.  Aliens glow magnificently and they are rendered with an incredible attention to detail.  While I only recently became a huge Green Lantern fan, I still had the chance to read Alan Moore’s Green Lantern short story about an alien who communicated only through sound.  The alien’s name was Rot Lop Fan, and he lived in a planet in the Obsidian Deeps, which is a lightless void.  His species learned to live without light and communicate via sound (aka sonar).



(C) DC Comics

The little story Alan Moore wrote for him is very wonderful and it features another popular Green Lantern character Katma Tui.  It’s one of the stories included in DC Comics’ DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore.  Rot Lop Fan or a member of the F Sharp Bell Corps is in the new Wondercon footage of Green Lantern but you have look a little bit in order to see him.

Right at about 3:06, and briefly at 3:20, you can make out a gray figure to the right that bears a striking resemblance to Rot Lop Fan.  Here are a few photos below where I try to point him out.

You see that gray hardback figure on the right? Let me point him out.

Not convinced?  I understand.  Let’s get a few more shots in here and get some detail.


See him in the top right?


Alright.  Here’s the one.  See those quiet opaque circles where eyes once rested?  How can you tell me that’s not him. Here’s a higher-res comparison

I’m probably not the first one to notice it but I’m definitely one of the most excited.  Rot Lop Fan’s story was great because it had that Alan Moore charm and it really helped make the Green Lantern Universe seem continually more vast and expansive.  Seeing him here does confirm what Geoff Johns said at a recent panel in Megacon about characters featured in the film.

Here’s hoping this film turns out to be great.