Interview Project Part II – Toy Block Train

When I got the call that I was invited to interview with Declynn James, the two-year-old creative director at Brunner, I quickly set out on a new construction project. This time, it had to be something cool, entertaining. An object or toy he would be able to play with.  Initially, I had the idea of making a train conductor hat like the one Alec Baldwin wears in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. When I asked the four-year-old son of a family friend what he thought of the hat idea, he looked very very bored.

I instead settled on blocks. Toy blocks. I knew I could make them and paint them and Declynn could play with them.  A conversation with my best friend over a plate of Thai Red Curry took it all to the next level.  I told him what I wanted to do, toy blocks.  But he recommended sticking to the train idea.  We settled on making a toy train where its guts were made of toy blocks.

The best part about this night was we had just eaten, I was tired and could have very easily put this off.  Instead, I took a chance and TJ Hawk and I drove to Lowes and then to his home to start work on this Toy Block Train.  What ensued was one of the best collaborations we’ve ever had.


  • Poplar 2×4
  • Dowels
  • Poplar 1×1
  • Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • High Grit Sandpaper

We were table-sawing the tiny block pieces at midnight. But we were careful to whisper.

DSC03371 DSC03370 DSC03372

After spending a few more hours setting up the frame and sanding the little toy blocks, we finalized the design.  TJ took care of the dowels that would hold the blocks in place.  He also built a cute little cow catcher for the front, bolted the wheels, and screwed in a cab and smokestack.

IMG00819-20121027-1801It was well held together when it came back to me but needed a lot of touching up.  The screws had ripped some of the dowels and they needed to be glued.  Also, everything needed to be painted. I’ll go into the paintwork for my next post but special shoutout to TJ Hawk for all his help on this project.


New Bioshock Infinite Enemy – Robot Minigun George Washington

"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism."..with a freakin' minigun.

Irrational Games has kicked off a video series showcasing a few special Bioshock Infinite enemies, exiting their lengthy pause from any news of the game.  In Episode 1 we’re introduced to an uncanny-valley Hall of Presidents animatronic George Washington wielding a massive minigun.  The video talks about the character’s creation and place in the Bioshock world.  Best part is the creepy face continuing to stare at you while body focuses on a nearby turret. *shudder*  Here’s hoping we’ll see a Robot Jefferson, Robot Franklin, Robot Jackson, and Robot Lincoln.  Hit the bump below to see the video.

Heavy Hitters Part 1: Motorized Patriot